Friday, January 14, 2005

Oldest Irish Job site. Claim to have 200 000 candidates subscribed. ABC verified traffic showed more than 20 000 visitor sessions in some day in the one month when the traffic was monitored. 3 offices, lots of staff,... EXPENSIVE! GREAT marketing spend mostly to the advertiser / recruiter and really small to the job hunter. The results is the BIGGEST recruitment client base in Ireland. Making it the recruitment web site with the largest revenue in Ireland. Purchased numerous web sites to buy traffic and increase reputation. Having the largest client database, it has almost the largest real job database. They publish numbers of more than 26 000 jobs, but a huge number of jobs duplication is actually blowing that number since they let recruiters publish the same job in more categories (and than when you add all the jobs in all categories, you end up with this huge number). All this makes relevant jobs really hard to find in a messy database.

  • Email Job Alert - only 10 jobs
  • Career Manager - I guess they themselves didn't really decide what should that be, and that reflect the state of it.
  • Lots of useless content for jobhunters
  • Slooooow site! (I warned you! :) )


Anonymous said...

Jobs in Ireland? What jobs in Ireland???

Ann said...

It"s true where more of jobseekrs are being cheat by and job alert and meanwhile the jobseekrs become very confused because the found out the same job advertismenmt is appear out again and again.