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Irish Recruitment Social Network: Jobs Market

Social Networking sites like LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, and others started dominating the use of the Internet worldwide. Even the search engines themselves are attracting less and less visitors every month this year. Social Media is what it is all about now.

The Irish Recruitment sector has coped on and the first Irish Social Networking site Jobs Market is rapidly growing in popularity.

Monday, April 20, 2009

National Recruitment Federation Launches Annual Conference 2009 with the good news of 400 jobs filled last week


National Recruitment Federation Launches Annual Conference 2009 with the good news of 400 jobs filled last week

1st April 2009

The National Recruitment Federation today announced the line-up for its Annual Conference 2009 entitled Facing the Future With Ease – Education, Enterprise & Enthusiasm, which will take place on Thursday, 23rd April 2009 at Citywest Hotel, Saggart, Co Dublin. The Federation which represents recruitment agencies in Ireland, also heralded a more positive outlook in the jobs market with an estimated 400 jobs in Ireland filled by its member agencies last week.

Flying in the face of today’s all-consuming mood of pessimism, depression and fear, the NRF is calling for a revival of the spirit, energy and gutsy innovation for which this country has been praised. For the first year, the Federation is opening the event to anybody in the recruitment profession. For further information call Ph: 01-8161754 or log on to

While recognising the need to address the key issues of concern to the industry today, the NRF made a conscious decision not to dwell on the negatives for the entire session. Instead they have decided to incite the steely resolve and indefatigable passion needed to get the industry back on its feet again. Indeed due to the kind support of the conference sponsors and exhibitors (listed below) there is no charge for attending the event for NRF member agencies with just a nominal charge for non-members.

Chaired by career management expert Rowan Manahan (Fortify Services), the conference will be officially launched with an opening address from Minister for Labour Affairs, Mr Billy Kelleher, TD followed by an overview of the industry “today & tomorrow” from NRF President, Frank Collins. (Most notably Frank will be introducing the federation’s education strategy on the day). Alan Haugh of the National Employment Rights Association will look at the state body’s progress to date in fostering a culture of compliance and improving the standards of employment, while Annmarie Muntz of the world employers body EuroCIETT, will give us an insight into the crucial role of our industry internationally.

The conference will then turn its attention to learning from experience as Lucy Gaffney, Chairperson of Communicorps (which has 44 radio stations in 9 different countries) and formerly Director and COO of Esat Telecomm, shares her tales of tackling the ups and downs of the economy over the years and most importantly coming through it in one piece. Inviting us to taking an introspective look at ourselves and how personality types have a strong bearing on how we manage stress, Tempy Cummins of Vision 2 Reality, will provide tips and advice on psyching ourselves up to meet the challenges ahead. Tempy will also give a very important nod to the fact that both owners and managers suffer deeply at these times and could do with a helping hand in motivating themselves before trying to motivate their staff.

Although the economy is on a slowdown, the pace of technological advance is hurtling along at break-neck speed with networking, advice, business deals etc all taking place at a phenomenal rate online. The savvy entrepreneur knows that the future is on the net but many a savvy entrepreneur is also up to their neck in trying to manage their day-to-day business and simply do not have time to find out what’s new and how to do it. Coming to the rescue will be internet communications expert Keith Bohanna (co-founder of, who will address in particular the area of Blog Marketing with a live demonstration on exactly how to make the sites such as LinkedIn and BlogSpot work for you.

To keep recruiters in touch with their target audiences, chair person Rowan Manahan will present us with some feedback from both employers and jobseekers on what they need from recruitment agencies today therefore helping them to adapt their services to ever-changing demands. And finally, delegates will leave with a strategy in hand for igniting the engines of enterprise once again as consultant Bill Boorman famed for his “Tin Hat Strategy” will present a 13 Point Plan for Business Growth.

Said NRF President, Frank Collins, “The last year and in particular the last 6 months have thrown the industry into an unprecedented freefall. We have of course seen slowdowns before but as the saying goes, the higher you climb the further you fall. Ireland has had it good for so long and are now in the midst of conflicting arguments as to where to turn. The NRF has put much thought into how it can help to provide some answers to questions but most importantly how to inject a little energy back into our hearts so that we can help to drive the economy forward again. I’m confident we’ve created a schedule that will help do just that and I look forward seeing the results.”

The National Recruitment Federation is a voluntary organisation set up to establish and maintain standards and codes of practice for the recruitment industry. Representing approx 120 companies throughout Ireland the NRF focuses it’s attentions on providing these members with the best possible service in terms of communication, support, advice sharing and problem solving.


• Frank Collins is available at any time for comment or interview. Speakers may also be contacted for interview upon request.

For further information contact:

Elaine Roddy, Director, NRF. Or Frank Collins, President, NRF.
Ph: 01-8161754 or 086-8582085 Ph: 01-8161763 or 087-2840804

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Engineering Recruitment

The recruitment industry in Ireland is not in its best days. The global economic downturn and had the catastrophic effect on the Irish economy. From the ‘Promised Land’ Ireland suddenly become a country the EU is monitoring closely to make sure they borrow us enough we do not collapse totally. Irish Jobs News is nothing less than tragic.

In the same time the Engineering Recruitment sector seems to be holding better than the other ones. is a recruitment agency in Bray specialising in the engineering jobs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Alan Shortall

Have you seen the new Irish Blogger site? Even Alan Shortall has a blog there! :)

And here is also he more 'official' one: Alan Shortall

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, January 14, 2005

Irish sales professionals – The key facts - survey results

Irish sales professionals – The key facts - survey results 14/01/2005 09:52:00

54% of sales professional respondents have a 3rd level degree, with a further 11% with a professional qualification.

87% are confident of meeting their sales targets for 2005 which is very encouraging for all concerned. Ireland’s No 1 Jobs board for sales professionals in Ireland conducted a survey throughout December and early January this year of its 3000 members.

“Looking at the statistics compiled from the online survey of sales professional respondents, we can define a profile of the Irish sales professional;

They are of a professionally qualified and ambitious individual, willing and confident of meeting targets for their employer in 2005. Promotional opportunities is of highest value to this sales professional, alongside financial rewards as the driving power for their professional career advancement.”

A staggering 56% of sales professional respondents stated ‘unprofessional leadership’ when asked what demotivated them most in their current role.
71% of respondents were male, 29% female indicating that women account for almost a 1/3 of the sales workforce.

A higher % of female respondents have third level/professional qualifications (54%) with the majority of females (33%) indicating 2-5 years in sales as opposed to the male statistics of 45% with 3rd level degrees and 40% of males indicating 10 years plus experience in sales.
This indicates that whilst women in sales have a higher level of education than their male counterparts, they are relatively new to the profession of sales.
83% replied ‘Yes’ when asked overall are you happy with your career in sales.
42% of sales professionals surveyed are currently employed but actively looking for a job right now.
38% of sales professionals surveyed are employed and not actively looking but open to opportunities. This gives a total of 80% of respondents who are open to a career move, perhaps because of the time of year or stronger buying signals from their clients, indicating the sales jobs market will be very buoyant for 2005.

The Telecommunications and Fast Moving consumer Goods Industries were proportionally the highest industries actively looking to change jobs. IT industry respondents were highest open to opportunities.
25% of sales professional respondents work within the IT industry, 15% within Fast Moving Consumer Goods, with equally 6% in Media/Print, Telecommunications, Medical/Pharmaceutical. At 5% Finance/Banking/Insurance and Health/Tourism and Auto sales professionals.

Sales professionals named lack of promotional prospects as their main reason for leaving their last employment (32%) ahead of money (23%), location (16%) and lack of recognition (18%).
Uncapped commission rated the benefit of highest value when changing jobs, following equal second place Health/Benefits and Company Car. Phone and laptop were of least value in the deciding factor.

67% stated that their current employer has no formal sales training process in place. The FMCG sector fared the best in providing sales training, with 39% stating their company had a formal sales training process in place.

43% have attended a sales training course in the past 12 months, 29% stating 1-2 years, 15% 5 years plus and 12% never having attended formal sales training. Yet an overall 55% rate attending regular sales training skills courses of high importance.

“Surmising from the respondents replies in relation to formal sales training, it is evident that Irish employers need to recognise and invest in the importance of training in their long term development plans, in order to gain a return of investment on their sales professionals.”

Oldest Irish Job site. Claim to have 200 000 candidates subscribed. ABC verified traffic showed more than 20 000 visitor sessions in some day in the one month when the traffic was monitored. 3 offices, lots of staff,... EXPENSIVE! GREAT marketing spend mostly to the advertiser / recruiter and really small to the job hunter. The results is the BIGGEST recruitment client base in Ireland. Making it the recruitment web site with the largest revenue in Ireland. Purchased numerous web sites to buy traffic and increase reputation. Having the largest client database, it has almost the largest real job database. They publish numbers of more than 26 000 jobs, but a huge number of jobs duplication is actually blowing that number since they let recruiters publish the same job in more categories (and than when you add all the jobs in all categories, you end up with this huge number). All this makes relevant jobs really hard to find in a messy database.

  • Email Job Alert - only 10 jobs
  • Career Manager - I guess they themselves didn't really decide what should that be, and that reflect the state of it.
  • Lots of useless content for jobhunters
  • Slooooow site! (I warned you! :) ) - Irish Jobs in Ireland - Irish Jobs in Ireland or 'Irish Job Search Engine' is as the tagline says - a bit of a search engine an a job board.

As a search engine, recruiters have the option not to have to publish their jobs, but the search engine can take them directly from the recruiters web site.

Pay Per Candidate (PPC) is a model they have where you pay only for the applications made to your job posts, not the actual job publishing.

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